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Smoke Tester for Car Truck Pipe Systems Universal Vac – Leak Hunter Auto Tool Generator Vacuum EVAP Leak Detection Machine


The blue translucent hose is changed to a white translucent hose, and the white translucent hose is thickened. This can prevent the tube from being easily bent, which will affect the smoke output during use.


Brand: Rhino Tuning
Product Name: Vac-Leak Hunter
SKU: 23133039
Material: Metal
Color: Black
Voltage: 12V
Output pressure: -60Kpa
Output flow: 3LPM / min
Power supply: 12V car battery
Model: VLH1
Air pressure output: built-in air pump
Test oil capacity: 100ml
Net weight: 1.3KG
Package weight: 1.6KG

Please read this instruction before use to avoid accidents caused by improper operation.


1. Please ensure that the machine contains smoke oil when using and take professional smoke oil
to avoid damage to the machine.
2. Although smoke is harmless to human body, please try to avoid inhaling too much smoke when using.
3. Please lay the machine flat and keep the oil-filling port facing up so that the smoke oil can be
heated evenly.
4. The machine can withstand 12V power supply. High voltage can damage the machine and even cause accidents.
5. Once the wire is broken, do not continue to use.
6. When the machine stand idle, please take off the lead pipe and the power wire.
7. Please contact us for help if there are any problems with the machine in the process of using.
8. Please keep doing leak detection away from smoke-sensitive parts.
9. Please try not to run the machine over 35 minutes. It needs interval rest.


1.Fill with 50-100ml of smoke oil and cover with rubber plug.
2.Connect the wire and the smoke pipe to the corresponding port on the machine.
3.Connect the power clamp to the car battery. Red is connected to the positive, black is connected to the negative.
4.Turn on the power switch, and the machine starts to work.
5.Check the leak position. Please use head lamp if necessary. After leak detection, turn off the power and take off the pipe and power wire.


Detect leaks in fuel systems, intake systems and cooling tanks on cars and motorcycles. Built-in pump generates smoke in 3 seconds. Dense smoke output can detect even the smallest leaks, improving driving safety.

Working standards

Smoke is generated by the equipment and is sent to the sealed car piping system (such as air intake system, exhaust system, fuel system, air conditioning system, etc.) Where there is smoke in the pipe, there will be leakage. Inspection of automobile pipes with smoke detectors will have no effect on the vehicle system.

Prepare Materials

1.12V power supply (using the vehicle’s 12V battery)
2.professional e-liquid or baby oil


Universal crocodile clip conversion line, the vehicle power supply is DC12V. The pipeline is sealed and insulated from the shell for safe operation.

2. Durable
Rugged, thick metal construction for durability. Compact for easy storage and operation.
Size: 6.5 * 4 * 4.6 inches

Packing List

Fog machine 1pc
Power cord 1pc (80cm)
Connector 1pc
Funnel 1pc
Silicone tube about 1m
User Manual 1pc

All the inside is changed to welding wire back sleeve casing


1. The color of the plastic smoke pipe varies with the production batch.

2. Please make sure your Vehicle’s battery is in a healthy condition, the machine is suggested supply with DV voltage at 12.5+_V, lower voltage will decrease the amount of smoke and air pressure.

3. Please change the smoke and oil regularly.

4. If the package has any destination tax / tariff, it will be borne by the buyer. Duties and measures may differ between destinations. Thank you very much for your understanding!

Our success depends on your support. If you are satisfied with our products, please give us 5 stars feedback. This will inspire us to become better!

Note: After using the fog machine for a certain period of time, the oil-water mixture must be condensed in the system or in the pipe, which needs to be treated.

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External Testing Certification




Model Name

Vac-Leak Hunter Smoke Tester



Hardware Version


Item Height


Item Length



12V car battery

Material Type


Item Type

Gas Analyzers

Item Weight


Software Version




Item Width



Rhino Tuning





Output pressure


Output flow

3LPM / min

Power supply

12V car battery



Air pressure output

built-in air pump

Test oil capacity


Net weight


Package weight


Host size

164mm x 102mm x 118.4mm(+-1mm)

Package size

240mm x 120mm x 150mm(+-1mm)


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