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Jimi JV200 Mini Vehicle Tracker Real-time Anti-theft GPS locator Global Vehicle Tracker For Truck/Taxi/Motor/Fleet Management


1.JV200 Small and Light GPS Tracker

JV200 is a small and light GPS tracker with solid GPS tracking capability and connectivity. Featuring a sleek and compact design, the JV200 will provide a detailed report of the vehicle’s location and activities. It is the most effective method of monitoring the driving activity of your vehicles.

2.Jimi’s Recommend

1)Real-time Accurate Positioning – Automatic display of position information real-time monitoring, GSM/GPS dual mode positioning, GPS locating accuracy < 10m. Our GPS Tracker works with the professional software" Tracksolid " Platform, It is good for fleet management/ motocycle/ private or renting cars tracking, (2G SIM card is not included).
2)Voice Monitoring – Vehicle GPS Tracker can be installed under rear windshield/ under front windshield/ around dashboard, when voice monitoring, the tracker will not produce any sound or different status, no one know you're listening to the voice inside car, perfect to catch cheating.
3)Electronic fence (Geo-Fence) & Remote-Cutoff fuel – Establishes a geo-fence for the device to limit its movement within a district. If it violates the district, the device will send alarm to " Tracksolid " APP. At this time you can use mobile phone or web to remotely compel the car to stop by cut off the fuel or electric connection, then playback driving history to find your vehicle location quickly.
4)Smart Alerts System – This is a professional anti-theft car GPS tracker, With Small compact size,directly hardwire kit with car ACC,its highly reliable electric circuit and internal battery design functions not only basic tracking but SOS call, remote-cutoff fuel, Power On&Off ,Enter or Exit geo-fence, Vibration alert, overspeed alert, Engine On&Off, Plugged out alert,historical data upload and more.
5)Waterproof & Wide Range of Uses – Water-resistant case & cable ensure stable operation in tough environment. And this GPS vehicle tracker is designed to meet the needs of various peripherals. Its wide voltage range 9-36V ensures its stable operation in cars. Plug and work.

3.Compatible With Most Car

With the built-in switching power supply,the JV200 Vehicle GPS tracker supports super wide voltage input range:9-36VDC.

4.Why Choose Jimi JV200

1)Mediatek Intelligence Chipset

Our JV200 adopt high-performance processing chipest-MTK6261D. While reducing the power consumption by a large margin, the accuracy of positioning is greatly increased.

2)GPS+AGPS+LBS Triple Positioning

The JV200 support GPS,AGPS and LBS triple positioning,once there has good GPS signal. It will locate via GPS,if it doesn’t have GPS signal,it will locate via LBS.The triple
positioning allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly.

3)Oil Cut-off

When the phone receives an abnormal alarm, we can send oil cut-off command on a platform. To make sure the security of vehicle,tracker can only indicate to cut off oil when
GPS is in valid position status,and the speed is less than 20km/h.

4)The battery is powered without charger

The JV200 by adopting ultra-low power consumption – battery power supply. The battery power consumption is negligible and will not damage the battery, let you get rid of the daily charge repeatedly.

5)Simple And Quick Install

The JV200 by using a battery is power without charger, it can be used after the power cord of positive and negative electrode is conected to storage battery. The installation is extremely simple,achieve plug and tracker.

6)Vehicle Anti-theft, Cellphone Alarming

When thieves illegally steal the battery, pry the car, steal money, click, move, and so on. Our JV200 Vehicle GPS tracker will send the alarm message to your cell phone. Let your peace of mind to go out and stay with you love anytime anywhere.

7)Vibration Alarm

When vehicle power is off (ACC OFF) for more than 10 minutes (settable), The JV200 will activate security alarm.If the device is vibrated or moved unexpectedly,it will send
an alarm message to the platform and an alarm SMS to preset SOS number.

8)The Move Alarm

When your car is taken away by traffic police or a thief, the JV200 will send a position move alarm information to your phone to make sure your car is safe.

9)Over Speed Alarm

When the car is moving over a limited speed in average in a limited time period,the device will send over speed alarm SMS to user.In this way,we can pay attention to the use of the car and avoid the unexpected accident.

10)Wire Cut-off Alarm

When the electricity supply of device is cut off,it will activate cut-off alarm. In this case,the JV200 will send related SMS to the SOS numbers and dial the numbers in circles.The call will keeps 3 loops.

Product details

Tracking platform – tracksolid

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Item Size

14 *9.5*4.2Cm

Special Feature

Remote Control

GPS type

GPS Tracker

Model Name


Gps Module


Screen Size

No Screen



GSM frequency

850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Sutiable for

Only available for 2G SIM card

Location accuracy

less than 10 meters

Tracking Software




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