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Hualingan Android Car GPS Navigation Multimedia Video Interface Box For BMW 3 F30 F31 F34 F80 EVO


What is an Android decoder?
Android decoder as the name suggests, it is an Android system, for the original car function, system and the original car does not have the development of a new decoding box, he is like a central control navigator, you can add more functions for the original car screen, GPS/GLONASS/Gelileo/BD navigation function, CarPlay function, Android Auto, Mirror Link, HD Video, Music, Pictures, Radio, AUX, Split Screen, DSP. And support more different software, Google, Google Voice Control, Google Map,Yandex, YouTube, Twiteer, Baidu', etc. It not only updates the original system, but also can bring all the new features of Android system. At the same time, we developed several UI menus that can be switched between our factory Settings and Android Settings.

What does the Android decoder do? Why did we develop a decoder?
The Android decoder is also like the CarPlay decoder box, which not only has the Android system, but also has the built-in CarPlay function and Android Auto function. When people want to have more systems, we have developed the Android decoder according to this suggestion. Secondly, because the size of the central control screen of the car is getting larger and larger, some customers don't want to change the screen and just want to own an Android system. So our potential lies in the Android system, which can add more entertainment feeling and experience of customers' driving. Android decoder box and Android, the owner of their own can Android, it is not like the screen to install a very troublesome, just need to simply connect all the lines to the corresponding position, so Android is very nice.

Android Multimedia Video Interface Boxfor BMW3series GT/M2EVO ID6 System

10.25″ 1280*480 BMW :7 series/ X3/ X5                     (2018y–)

10.25″ 1280*480 BMW :X4 /X3 M /X4 M                      (2019Y–)

10.25″ 1280*480 BMW :X6                                             (2018–2019Y)

8.8″   1280*480 BMW :4series/ 5series/6seriesGT(2017–2019Y)

8.8″   1280*480 BMW :2series(2018–2019Y)

8.8″   1280*480 BMW :3series GT/ M2(2020Y–)

Operation method :EVO ID6 System + Android System
1,Command knob

2,Use original touch Screen

3,Use USB-AUX or connect to original bluetooth music

First developed in China:

1,The company of Android Multimedia Video Interface Box(original car screen upgrade Android system)

2,support original bluetooth and android bluetooth

3,Supports 2-way USB

Support for:

1. System: Android 10.0

2. Memory: 4GB+32GB / 8GB + 64GB / 8GB + 128GB

3. Supports 1920×720 / 1280×720 or other resolution

4. Supports a variety of videos, pictures and mainstream music formats

5. USB / SD / WIFI / easy connection (that is Yilian APP) / YouTube / GPS.

6. External support Carplay / Calife / Android Auto / Built ZLINK

7. Compatible with original touch screen.

8. Increase reverse trajectory, reversing radar

9. Support the original car reversing trajectory, reversing radar

10.Support original car camera or AHD camera

11.Supports reverse image

12.Supports wifi connected

13.Compatible with 4G network, need to Insert SIM card

14.Support music and phone

15.Languages: English / Russian / French / German / Spanish / Italian / Arabic / Portuguese / Turkish / Thai, ect.

Package list:

1x Android and Video Playback Interface;

1x Power Cable;

1x4G Antenna;

1x Microphone;

1x Mini Horn;

1x GPS Cable;

1x USB Cable

CE certification

About delivery time and express1.The product needs 3-7 days of preparation time after we receive your payment(except the weekends and festival).The tracking code will be displayed on the order details page.2.Import duties are not included in the total price of the product, which is the buyer's responsibility. 3.If the buyer's address or code belongs to a remote area, the buyer needs to pay an additional $40 delivery fee or choose to change the express.About warranty and return1.12 months warranty from the moment you receive the product.2.If the buyer needs to return the goods, the export duties and delivery costs shall be paid by the buyer.At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the product is not artificially damaged and does not affect secondary sales.

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GPS Navigator with TF Card


Special Features


GPS type

Vehicle GPS Units & Equipment

For Car


For Year


Screen resolution

Original Car resolution




2 way

SD slot


GPS slot





Support WIFI



Rear Camera

Support camera(Optional)

Front View Camera

Support camera(Optional)

Driving Recording





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