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gps alarm gsm tracker motorcycle gps tracker hot selling high quality good price NTG02M


NTG02M 1pcs gps tracker for bicycles motorcycles with Android and IOS APP gps tracker NTO factory 18 months warranty

Dear Customer,

Thanks for your order from NTO GPS brand shop!

I am Amy, nto brand sales manager from NTO factory.

For retailing or wholesale, kindly well noted:

1. whatever you buy, all products are with 18 months warranty.

2. If any problem, just email us or leave message on ALIEXPRESS.

My email:

All problems wrote by email surely be solved out no later than 48 hours.

1.If item quality problem, we surely give you new free one.

2. If operation problem, we surely guide you to solve it.

This letter promise always works once you get my name card in your parcel.(as below)

Best Regards,



1. The vehicle positioning

A. APP map query

B. The computer platform map query

C. SMS address query

D.Base station positioning

E.Google link positioning

2.Remote real-time warning notice

A.Vibration alarm

B.Electronic fence alarm

C.Power outage alarm

DThe spare battery low-power alarm

E.Overspeed alarm

F.Maintain remind

G.The SOS alarm

3. Remote oil control

4. Remote monitoring

5. Set and query

A.set up the liaison(s)

B.Modify the operating password

C.Commonly used instructions queries

D.Equipment parameters query

E. Restore factory Settings



gift box

box size




carton size






Sample sent by express such as DHL or UPS etc.Mass quantity sent by sea or air.


1. When you place an order,please choose a shipping method and pay for the order including the shipping fee.Generally,we will send the items as soon as possible once your payment is completed.

2. We do not guarantee delivery time on all international shipments due to differences in customs clearing times in individual countries,which may affect how quickly your product is inspected. Please note that buyers are responsible for all additional customs fees,broderage fees,duties,and taxes for importation into your country.These additional fees may be collected at time of delivery.We will not refund shipping charges for refused shipments.

3. We are not responsible for any custom duty or import tax. The shipping cost does not include any import taxes,and buyers are responsible for customs duties. I understand that you are worried about any possible extra cost for the items.Based on past.experience


1.Why choose the NTO GPS Tracker?

NTO is a specialized manufacturer of auto security system since 2004,we have a seasoned hardware&software development team and QC department,to make sure all products are 100% qualified before delivery, Our team will solve any problem rapidly at any time.

Positioning accuracy, simple installation, simple operation, stable performance, 0 service charge.Product certificates are available for different market.Product warranty 18months,more than many other suppliers.

2.How to install the GPS Tracking system?
If you don't know the car electronic circuit,please find a specialized installer to install the system for you.

3. How to charge for the GPS Tracking system?
This system need a SIM card to connection with your mobile phone,please consult the customer service of the SIM card operator in local.

4. How many language does this system used?
At pesent the system support Chinese and English,but we can customize the language for you.

5. What environment does the system work in ?

Anythere an long as the SIM card can receive the GSM signal.And working temperature from -20°C to + 70°C.

6. Where to download the APP?
1).Download the APP by scanning the QR code on the gift box.2).Android user, login the IOV management platform ntogps to download the APP.3). MAC user can search „NTOGPS“ in the app Store to download the APP.

7. How to save the money for the operation of the system?
Monitoring the vehicle and send instructions through the GPRS as far as possible,less by SMS or calling.

8. Why need to set up APN?

APN is used for make GPRS works for the device.

The tracker will sent data to our server every 30 second by GPRS.

9. How to set up APN?

A. Consult your SIM card provider about the GPRS APN.

B. Install a GSM networking micro SIM card to the tracker, and turn on the tracker by connecting the the battery and external 12V power.
C. Observe the GSM indicator till it’s blinking Green. (mean the SIM card has connect to the GSM new work)
D. Edit an SMS command with your mobile and sent to the tracker to set the SIM card’s GPRS APN.
1. SIM operator:TIM
2. APN:
3. User name:TIM
4. password: tim
Then do operate below:
Send SMS command: 8888#309**tim*tim#
If the user name and password is empty, then the command should be:
After you sent the command, the tracker will reply you “Notes: Operator APN set to,tim,tim.”
If you can not received the tracker reply, please make sure the tracker power is on and GSM indicator blinking Green.
Once the GPRS APN set succeed, you will see the tracker on the app map showing Green.

10. How much data of the device per month?

Our tracker will use about 20 to 30MB data per month

11. How to operate on app

Scan QR code on color box

12. How to operate to cut off the fuel on app?

Two conditions to test this function:

a. GPS indicator blink blue.

b. driving speed under 20km/h

when ryou test the fuel cut function, the tracker will received your caommand but not cut off at once, it will detect the driviing speed, once speed under 20km/h, it will cut off and let you konw.

13. How to test votice monitor function step by step?

a. make a call to device

b. when hear the device speak: the system is ready to move on next step c

c. input 8888#205# then enter into voice monitor mode.

14. How does the device get command and reply to user?

By GPRS and SMS command. All functions on app work on Both GPRS condition and SMS condition.

15. How we judge if locate successfully or not?

Check the GPS indicator on the side of control box once power on, if blinks blue, device gps locate well.

16. Does the device can locate indoor?

NO, GPS can locate only at outdoor, pls test outdoor.

17. Why we cant locate when install the gps?

1. Make sure the antena works well and installed far away by metal . Keep away 3 meters away from metal when install the antena.

2. Make sure it test outdoor

3. Make sure setup APN successfully

18. Why some functions not works on app?

1. Make sure contacter setting is success ful, you should click „save“ when set contacter, and after that you will get SMS reply for clasify contacter information.

2. If the above is ok but still no workable for some function, then comes to us for solve it.

19.What is the after-sales service?

After-sales service generally depend on local distributor or agent,then the agent or distributor contact with our factory to solve.The product warranty is 18 months.If there is any problem in the warranty period,the distributor or agent can solve in local,the factory will provide the necessary spare part for free,if can not solve in local,send back to the factory for checking,if it is the quality problem and non-human factors for damage,the factory will repair or replace new one and afford both shipping cost.Out of the warranty period, the factory can repair but do not bear any freight.


We do our best to serve our customers the best that we can.The buyer should make sure that the items returned are in their original conditions.If the items are damaged or lost when they are returned.the buyer will be responsible for such damage or loss, and we will not give the buyer a full refund. The buyer should try to file a claim with the logistic company to recover the cost of damage or loss.The buyer will be responsible for the shipping fees to return the items.

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Anti-Theft Device Two-Way


Auto Central Lock

Type Of Remote Control

Without LCD Remote Control

Type Of Accessory

Special Parts Of Anti-Theft Device

Remote Controlled


Model Name


Item Size


Battery Life

1 To 4 Hours

GPS chip


GSM chip





remote engine start by app sms, one remote

Static current









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