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For Audi A3 Hatchback A4L A6L Q3 Q5 High Quality Plug And Play Night Vision Car DVR Wifi Video Recorder Dash Cam Camera


Please Contact customer service to send photos when you buy it!

Because this product is DEDICATED , so in order to avoid installation or other problemsplease be sure to tell me for your car which year and which model , and please take a picture of the rear view mirror base and send it to customer service.we will reply your information from a professional perspective

For Audi A3 Hatchback A4L A6L Q3 Q5 High Quality Plug And Play Night Vision Car DVR Wifi Video Recorder Dash Cam Camera

After installation

Support both iOS and Android system

Watch the actual situation in real time through the APP.

Watch the playback method of the driving recorder

Insert the memory card into the computer or other playback devices to view the video files

1080P Video, Full HD resolution, Wide view

High-definition picture quality, high-definition restores every frame
camera, high day and night vision quality .


Advanced Driving Alarm Systems (LDWS/ FCWS) , it is useful alarm systems to keep your driving safer.


G-Sensor, Save the important video when crash sudden braking to a special folder to avoid it was overwrote .

Loop recording

Seamless automatic loop recording, no need to set, automatically overwrite the original unlocked video to prevent the memory card from being full.


170 ° Wide-Angle, open vision, which is deserved to view the surrounding environment, and true records are not deformable.


Dual composite image processing technology, the clear picture quality is naturally presented. Through the WDR wide dynamic processing of the picture, the exposure is lower when the light is strong, and the brightness is increased in the low light.

Intelligent anti-shake technology algorithm

It can avoid image blurring caused by motion to a limited extent. It can minimize noise and object motion and bring image blurring to give you real high-definition picture quality.

High quality configuration :

1. The original appearance of the original car (created in the original car style, dedicated car, more concise and more beautiful)
2. Reduce hidden danger (no battery, avoid explosion, do not block the original car anti-glare rearview mirror)
3. Upgrade of the original car (non-destructive installation, does not damage any lines of the original car, does not affect the vehicle warranty)
4. Ultra-high configuration (high-end Novatek 96655 solution + SONY professional-grade photosensitive camera, excellent recording effect)
5. Super high-definition (recording resolution 1080X720P 30fps, high-definition night vision enhancement, you can also shoot large movies)
6. Loop recording (H.264 lossless pressure loss, seamless loop coverage of video, no missing detection, no exposed seconds)
7. Super wide-angle (170° super wide-angle, bring us a comprehensive and safe visual experience, so that the view is unobstructed)
8. Super stable (10 years + imaging solution and high configuration hardware)
9. Super long life (dual-core processing chip + peripheral original brand components)
10. Intelligent interconnection (built-in 2.4G ultra-high-speed image transmission WIFI module, wireless connection to mobile phones)
11. Custom APP (customized intelligent control system, suitable for IOS and Android dual system operation)
12. Network sharing (mobile phone APP operation, 0 traffic download, playback, network sharing pictures, videos)
13. Simple installation (the fuse box takes power and the OBD is inserted, the installation is safer and simpler)
14. Parking monitoring (built-in enhanced G-SENSOR really realizes the automatic start-up recording of collision and lock files)
15. Dynamic adjustment (super software algorithm, automatically adjust the image effect under strong light or extremely dark state)
16. Rear-view rear view (optional after-recording camera, to achieve front and rear high-definition dual recording and reversing image function, rear-view is optional, you can place an order according to personal needs)
17. The market just needs (for your safety and theirs, please choose a high-quality driving recorder installed on the car, if a special situation occurs, it will help you record it as your evidence and protect your safety)

1. Remove the original shell
2. Remove the original bracket
3. The contrast shell is consistent
4. Install the recorder bracket
5. Find the corresponding insurance plug
(1) Connect the red wire to ACC to ignition
(2) Yellow wire B+ connects to long power
(3) Black wire grounding wire
6. Wiring along the inside of the car
7. Route along the A-pillar of the car
8. The recorder installation is complete
9. Link mobile App test

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