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DYEGOO GT06 Vehicle Car Motocycle GPS Tracker High Speed Platform Muti-Alarm Voice Monitor SOS Alarm


Overview of the characteristics:

1.GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHZ.

2.GPS position.

3.Auto set APN.

4.200Mah Battery inside, Power-Cut alarm.

5.Motion detect, save GPRS flow and power.

6.GEO-fence alarm.

7.SOS Alarm.

8.Shock Alarm.

9.ACC Alarm.

10.Speed Alarm

11.Voice Surveillance.

12.Voltage DC 9-40V.

13.Enginee Cut off.



2).GPRS: Class12, TCP/IP

3).Working Voltage:9-40V DC

4).Working current:≈22mA (12VDC)

5).Working current:≈12mA (24VDC)

6).GPS locating time:Cold start≈38s(Open sky)

Warm start≈32s

Hot start≈2s(Open sky)

7).GPS Precision:10m(2D RM)

8).Working temperature:-20℃~+70℃

9).Working humidity:20%~80%RH


Device status indicators

1Connect DC 9-40V power supply,push the switch(switch beside the sim card holder), the red LED will light continuously.

2The blue LED light continuously when searching the GPS signals. When GPS position,the blue LED flashing.

3The intermediate green LED (GSM signal state)

GSM signal is normal, green LED flashing. No GSM signal, the green LED light continuously.

4If work normal, after 5 minutes, all LED go off.

All LED will turn off after 5 minutes. When there is a new call, the LED will relight and turn off 5 minutes.


Prepare for installation

1Product Check. Open the packing box and check the device’s model and accessories. If the model is wrong or the accessories not complete, please contact the dealer.

2Choose SIM card. Please insert a SIM card which support GSM 2G network to the device. Please take dealer’s advice as reference.

3SIM card installation. Discharge the cover of the device and uncover the SIM card holder. Then insert the SIM card and cover SIM card holder (as follows).

4Open the cover, Push the switch. Then Put back the front cover.

5Connect the device to the 9-40V power supply.

6Install the device in the hidden place of the car;

The SIM card must be with GPRS function and enough deposit. If your SIM card need input PIN when power on, please cancel it.


The GPS tracker must be installed under professional personnel.


1) Please install the device in the hidden place as followings:

2) Avoid being placed with signal radiators like reverse sensor ;

3) The device has GSM antenna and GPS antenna inside. Please ensure the receiving side of the device is face up and without metal cover.

Note: The metal cover will lessen the receiving of GPS signals.

Device wiring requirements:

1The device power supply is DC 9-40V. The red line is positive pole while the black line is negative pole.

2The negative pole of power supply connects with ground or the metals. Please do not connect with other ground lines.

3When finishing the power supply wire connection, please make the plug of power supply to the device.

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