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1 Set Car Emergency Start Power 6000mAH 12V Multi-function Portable Car Jump Starter Mobile Power


1 Set Car Emergency Start Power 6000mAH 12V Multi-function Portable Car Jump Starter Mobile Power

NOTE: Because the battery shipping regulation is rigid ,so that, We will choose the correct express company for the customer if you choosed the wrong express company without notice or message.

Feature:1. LED lighting power display, integrated protection plug, USB interface.2. Support to start the car 15 times, highly compatible with thousands of displacement gasoline cars below 3.0L.3. Support 95% of branded mobile phones, tablets, car chargers and other digital products on the market.4. Pull the switch to ON, press and hold the POWER button for 3 seconds to activate the glare for 72 hours. In the lighting state, short press the key once to enter the flashing reminder mode. In the flashing state, press the key once again to enter the SOS help mode.5. Added thermistor and temperature control mechanism to ensure polymer battery at -40 ° C to 85 ° C6. Add the fuse to protect the motherboard and battery from damage during abnormal short circuit.7. When the smart cell detects that the input or output voltage fluctuates, it will regulate the voltage to ensure a constant voltage output.8. Intelligent real-time detection of output current, actively turn off the output when the output current reaches zero limit.9. Power on the smart terminal for a long time to start the power supply or use the startup power supply. When it reaches saturation, the system will automatically shut down.10. Intelligent real-time detection of output current. When the output current reaches zero limit, the output is actively turned off to protect the device to be charged.11. Design anti-reverse interface to ensure that the user will not reverse the insertion of +1 pole and use it more safely.12. With magnetic field protection, in the strong magnetic environment, the starting power supply will not work normally due to the influence of external electromagnetic fields. Tips:1. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the product. Turn ON first, then charge the product.2. When starting the car, you need to turn the switch to OFF and then start the car.3. The car power supply has a peak value of 400A and a peak value of 600A. The peak product of the 400A is 40C, which can start a gasoline car with a displacement of 4.0 or less. The peak of the 600A is 60C. It can start a gasoline car with a displacement of 6.0 or less. And diesel vehicles below 2.0 displacement. (Except for engine-aged cars.)4. The product has not been used for a long time. It is recommended to charge the battery for 3 months.5. The product needs to be placed at room temperature, which is beneficial to the service life of the product. Special considerations for mobile power usage1. When starting the car, insert the blue plug and insert it in place, otherwise it will affect the effect.2. When starting the car, the blue power indicator light should be more than 60%, which can extend the service life of the product.3. If the car can/'t start, don/'t force it to start. Check if the battery clip is properly clamped. The original car battery head is rusty and dirty. Continue to start after cleaning.4. During the startup process, if the vehicle cannot be started at all times (1-2 times), do not force it to continue. Check whether there are other faults. Otherwise, the fuse will be burnt and the power supply will be damaged.5. When starting the car and using the clip port to use the air pump and other car chargers, the switch needs to be turned OFF.6. Our car power supply uses different styles of 400A and 600A. If the pro-car exceeds the A number of the product, the power supply will automatically turn off the power protection function during the start of the car. Plug in the charger and reactivate it to use normally.7. In the case of car feeding and no power at all, the car power clip can be directly clamped on the positive and negative poles of the car to start. If the car is in the power, remove the positive pole and clip the clip. Above the iron, the negative electrode is placed on the negative electrode. It can be started.8. The first time you start the car, you need to put the power inside the product, then plug in the charger and then start the car.

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